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Ciputra Artpreneur Gallery is the perfect venue for you uniquely artistic and intimate wedding celebration, a truly one of a kind experience for your special day.

For more information, please contact Mr. Hira or Ms. Yuliana at +62 21 2988 9889, or you can order directly through online reservation.

The 1500 m2 exhibition gallery, consisting of 3 artistic galleries, each gallery is designed with a neutral ambiance that could be use in any sort of occasions.

The museum exhibits the art collection of Dr. Ir. Ciputra, providing information and perspective of the Indonesian art development since the modernism era until today.

The theater is designed with high international standards in all of its aspect, including a high-quality audio visual experience, modular stage, orchestra pit and fly over.

Ciputra Artpreneur - Gallery
Ciputra Artpreneur - <p>
	The 1,500 m<sup>2</sup> Exhibition Gallery, consists of 3 artistic galleries.</p>
Ciputra Artpreneur - Museum
Ciputra Artpreneur - <p>
	The museum exhibits the art collection of Dr. Ir. Ciputra.</p>
Ciputra Artpreneur - Theater
Ciputra Artpreneur - <p>
	The Theater is designed with high international standard.</p>
Ciputra Artpreneur - Past Events
Past Events
Ciputra Artpreneur - <p>
	The End of the Beginning.</p>
Ciputra Artpreneur - Articles
Ciputra Artpreneur - <p>
	Posisi Seni Rupa Indonesia di Mata Museum.</p>
Ciputra Artpreneur - Reservation
Ciputra Artpreneur - <p>
	Please contact Mr. Hira or Ms. Yuliana at +62 21 2988 9889, or email to</p>