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Ciputra Artpreneur - Jakarta Pagi Ini - A Slank Musical

The Cinema of Drama Performances featuring a band on stage, where Slank collaborate with the actors Jakarta Pagi Ini, and the orchestra led by Aksan Sjuman.

Ciputra Artpreneur - Founders Day 2014 - Building Up Entrepreneurial Organization

The celebration of Founders Day 2014 held at Ciputra Artpreneur Theater with the theme of "Building Up Entrepreneurial Organization".

Ciputra Artpreneur - Global Entrepreneurship Week Indonesia Summit 2014

Global Entrepreneurship Week Indonesia Summit 2014 was held at the Theater Ciputra Artpreneur Jakarta on November 21th, 2014.

Ciputra Artpreneur - Book Ciputra Gallery Now!

For more information, please contact Mr. Martinus Johannes or Ms. Yuliana at +62 21 2988 9889, or you can order directly through online reservation.

Ciputra Artpreneur - Public Art Exhibition (PARX) 2014

With its support  to the government’s aspirations, regarding the procurement of Public Art, Ciputra World 1 Jakarta and Ciputra Artpreneur presents to you a Public Art Exhibition, titled PARX 2014.

Ciputra Artpreneur - Museum

The museum exhibits the art collection of Dr. Ir. Ciputra, providing information and perspective of the Indonesian art development since the modernism era until today.

Ciputra Artpreneur - Gallery

The 1500 m2 exhibition gallery, consisting of 3 artistic galleries, each gallery is designed with a neutral ambiance that could be use in any sort of occasions.

Ciputra Artpreneur - Theater

The theater is designed with high international standards in all of its aspect, including a high-quality audio visual experience, modular stage, orchestra pit and fly over.