A Thousand Year of Movement Dance - Ciputra Artpreneur

A Thousand Year of Movement Dance


Date: December 17, 2017

Time: 4 PM

Location: Ciputra Artpreneur Theater



Presented by Korean Cultural Center (KCC) and organized by Yes24 ENT Indonesia, the performers from Jeju will be present in the musical and dance charm of Jeju Island by Jeju Culture & Art Center. The show will feature a number of stories in music and dance such as:

– Gapdori & Gapsuni
Gapdori & Gapsuni is a Paper doll act that comically expresses simple facts of life through the use of adorable traditional paper dolls together with popular songs. It portrays joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure through laughter and fun that served as a form of catharsis of traditional Koreans, who were socially and culturally restricted from expressing love for one another.

– Parrot dance
This dance expresses a parrot’s movements in the lively and delightful rhythm of fast gayageum music. It portrays birds chirping, pecking and moving around in groups.

– Cheoyongmu Dance
The Cheoyongmu Dance, which was believed to drive out devil on Lunar New Year¡¯s Eve, aims to expel evil spirits and wish for peace. It is performed by five male dancers wearing clothes in the five directional colors: white, blue, black, red and yellow (signifying north, south, east, west and center, respectively) and boasts a 1,000-year history. It was registered as a UNESCO World cultural Heritage.

– Woman Diver Dance
Ever since woman divers (haenyeo) of Jeju-do were designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, diverse creative works have been produced on this theme. Woman divers are considered to be a dance motif that is rich in potential. The Woman Diver Dance was made based on the Jeju folk song Odol Ttogi and focuses on highlighting the beautiful movements of woman divers rather than their diving and swimming techniques.

– Jeju Nori
In premodern society, work was never separate from play. Koreans of the past chose to overcome the hardships of everyday life by sublimating work into play, enabling them to forget about their troubles if only momentarily. A reflection of the many horses in Jeju-do, Jeju Nori has various dance moves based on the movements of a horsewhip.

– Drum Dance & Small Drum Play
Drum dance and small drum play are known as representative Korean folk dances. The drum dance is mostly presented in a performance of farmers music by a dancer (drum holder); the dancer holds one drum stick in each hand to play on a drum and generate dynamic rhythms based on lively dance moves. Small drums are used to create a wider variety of dance movements. Drum dance and small drum play were created based on the expressive harmony generated by the masculine from drum and feminine from small drum.

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