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Back by Demand – Drama Musikal Putih Hitam Lasem

Date: March 14, 2015



Lian Hoa a Chinese girl, from the Tan family of the owner of pembatikan Padma Putera, friends with Ario Adiatmojo, from Java family owner of pembatikan Banyu Bening. The friendship was also developed into a romance that leads to marriage. But friendship is different from romance to Bude Nawangsari and Mr. Adiatmojo, Ario`s parents, as well as both parents Lian Hoa did not approve of their marriage.

One day in pembatikan Banyu Bening occurred the great fire swept the rest of the place. The fires have caused Mr. Adiatmojo suffered severe burns and died shortly thereafter.

Lasem city in an uproar because it was heard that Lian Hoa who was present at the pembatikan Banyu Bening was the one who set fires that claimed many victims. Lian Hoa disappeared since that time, no trace of him has been detected even by the authorities who try to investigate the horrible event.

Twelve years passed … By Lian Hoa unexpectedly reappears in town Lasem. However, both parents have died, and Ario are still loved was married to Retno, unable to resist the urge Bude Nawangsari.

Did you mean the return of Lian Hoa to the city of Lasem? Can he elaborate on white and black winding knot that has tangled crossed over this?

“Should the differences hinder unity?”

Director: Ibas Aragi
Costume Consultant: DR. Harry Darsono, PhD
Composer and Music Director: Aminoto Kosin & Pamela Kosin

Saturday, March 14th, 2015
· Show 1: 14.00
· Show 2: 19.00

Venue / Place:

Ciputra Artpreneur Theater, Lotte shoping Avenue 13th floor.
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 3-5, Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta

Ticket price:

· VIP: 750,000 IDR
· Category A: 400 000 IDR
· Category B: 300,000 IDR
· Category C: 200 000 IDR
· Category D: 150,000 IDR
· Category E: 100,000 IDR

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