Under The Volcano

Start Date: 27 Agustus 2022

End Date: 27 Agustus 2022

Start Time: 16:00:00

End Time: 21:00:00

Location: Ciputra Artpreneur Theater


UNDER THE VOLCANO inspired by the 1883's poem "Syair Lampung Karam", by Muhammad Saleh.

Following the success of I LA GALIGO, Ciputra Artpreneur together with Bumi Purnati Indonesia and Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation brought UNDER THE VOLCANO on stage for the first time in Jakarta.

This stage play, directed by Yusril Katil was first staged at the 6th Theatre Olympic in Davin Theatre, Beijing, China on 7 & 8 November 2014 and on 21-23 April 2016 at Theatre Works, Singapore. On 24 November 2018, "Under the Volcano" also received the honour of being staged at the Borobudur Writers & Cultural Festival (BWCF) 2018  on the Akshobya Stage of the Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Yogyakarta. Inspired by the poem "Syair Lampung Karam" by Muhammad Saleh, "Under the Volcano" is inspired by real life natural disasters caused by the explosion of the Mount Krakatoa, accompanied by earthquakes and tsunami in 1883.

This play is presented in Six Acts and presented with Bahasa Indonesia's narration strengthened by music, dances, and spectacular visual effects. Music and Dance presented are based on traditional Malay forms which has been adapted to work in harmony with contemporary music and dance. The main message "Under the Volcano" wishes to convey is "If today is 1883, no one can survive without the help of another."


[...] I think the performance really captured the emotions of awe and wonder and I think it’s intrinsic respect for nature and I really appreciated that from the performance. I felt so many emotions had been running through during the performance because there was tension, there was love, there was tenderness, there was sadness of course, but there was also this sense of hope in the midst of all these hopelessness after the natural disaster, and it’s really quite amazing [...] – Karanina Suryadinata, Adminstrator and Production Assistant   

[...] So, seeing that there is a professional company which is doing this show in Singapore, proudly presenting in the Indonesian language, it is very enlightening, very refreshing, and very inspiring. They’re really packaging the whole thing, the culture in a contemporary setting, it’s just really amazing [...] – Anya Adhyanta, an NUS student from Indonesia   

[...] I’ve never seen physical work that risky, that captivating on stage before, and I’ve never seen something that combines a sense of traditional side with contemporary movements so effectively and seamlessly. So I think that it’s a beautiful show to come and see because it tells a story that we can all relate to in our present day. It shows us some traditional culture as well as interpretation of modern elements, and it’s from an amazing island, Sumatra in Indonesia, that not many people get a chance to really know about or learn about and to see this kind of contemporary work coming from a place like that – we often think of Jakarta as being where the big works from Indonesia should come – but to see something coming from a place like Sumatra, and to see it so real and so moving, I think it’s something everybody should take advantage of [...] –  Jacyntha England, Drama Theatre

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