Founders Day 2014 - Building Up Entrepreneurial Organization - Ciputra Artpreneur

Founders Day 2014 – Building Up Entrepreneurial Organization

Date: December 2, 2014



Ciputra Group, one of the major property business group in Southeast Asia, celebrating the 33th year anniversary. This year, the celebration of Founders Day 2014 was held at Ciputra Artpreneur Theater. Despite presence of Ciputra Group directors, Founders Day 2014 theme is “Building Up Entrepreneurial Organization” is also presented Haryoseno and national figures Dahlan Iskan. Founders Day was held as a platform for all levels of managerial and Ciputra Group staff in the various regions in Indonesia and abroad to come together and make the vision in the coming years.



The art collection of Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra, focusing on the work of Indonesian maestro Hendra Gunawan, and Indonesian contemporary art.

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