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Jakarta Pagi Ini – A Slank Musical

Start date: December 18, 2014

End date: December 20, 2014



Jakarta Pagi Ini tells the story of Jinna, a beautiful photographer who became a bone of contention between Adam, a senior political reporter where Jinna work and Arga, a reform politician who had just been appointed Chairman of the House of Representatives

They are involved in a love triangle that starts simple, where Adam who secretly loves Jinnah, must find the courage to reveal his heart to know that Arga and Jinnah turned out to have a history of love, who suddenly reappears after they both met in session interviews Adam.

But with the advent of the agenda of each character, the story is growing dynamically. with background songs Slank that is well known, the three characters trying to realize the wishes of each so that the story develops with continued bring surprise enliven the story.

The main players:

Aryo Wahab
Maruli Tampubolon
Aqi Alexa
Aimee Saras
Music Director Aksan Sjuman would rearranging Slank 26 songs specifically for this show. Aksan also will lead a live orchestra that will fill up the score scenes of the show, and accompanying the players. For the first time in the history of cinema drama performances, we will feature a full band on stage, where Slank will collaborate with the actors Jakarta this morning, and the orchestra led Aksan.

The Cinema of Drama performances “Jakarta This Morning” lasted approximately 109 minutes and held for three days with a four times performance:

Thursday, December 18th, 20:00 pm
Friday, December 19th, 20:00 pm
Saturday, December 20, 16:00
Saturday, December 20th, 20:00 pm

More info: http://www.lamusicstore.co.id/jakarta-pagi-ini



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