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Musikal Sumpah 100 Tahun

Start date: March 11, 2016

End date: March 13, 2016


“Every drop of blood that flows and hits the ground is a disgraceful insult to our country.” – Brian Adiwinata

Musical “Sumpah 100 Tahun” tells a story about the struggle to defend a national identity crisis. Takes place in not too distant future Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2028, a dystopia where international values are far more cherished rather than the ancestral identity, Nusantara. In this era, the youth generation has already forsaken their history, culture, and customs.

The story begins with a rustic ancient box that is fortuitously found, containing old photos and memories regarding Sumpah Pemuda 1928. Brian inadvertently opens that box during his visit to his parents’ house. This incident not only creates a disparaging conflict between Brian and his mother, but also triggers as a fundamental base for the country to rise.

As Brian curiosity heightens, his nationalism spirit is also growing. This makes Brian get close to Bagas, a college teacher lecturer with high-end national idealism, and towards the members of Broadcast Club as follows; Ida Ayu, a courageous and high-spirited girl who makes Brian fall in love, Stephanie, the most popular girl at Adiwinata University who secretly has a crush to Bagas, and other club members that have their own remarkably unique personality.

The relationship between Brian, Bagas and the club members strengthens his passionate love towards Indonesia. One day, Brian’s father reveals that his great-great-grandfather was a national warrior who bravely fought for the country back on the olden days and Brian inherits that value within his very own blood. Upon knowing that, Brian is finally sure of his destiny.

Begins from a documentary themed about Sumpah Pemuda, Proyek Jong grows and becomes a social phenomenon that impacts throughout the country. Starting from a simple guerilla from social media and the internet, Proyek Jong succeeds to make the youth generation in Indonesia realize about the importance of national value; lots of communities are formed and show their compassion down the road. This does not go unnoticed by the President as he starts to show his evil interest towards Tim Jong and stops their propaganda at all costs.

Feeling his authority gets attacked and in danger, the President starts to use all his power and his influence to foil Tim Jong’s propaganda. All is done by him, so that he can achieve his agenda to transform Indonesia into a Union State. He does not hesitate to do whatever it takes for his goal, such as contra intelligent, distortion of information, anarchy and disunity. Starting from the infiltration of Brian’s mother, the unforgivable treachery of Brian’s best friend, his fight with Tim Jong feels like coming to end when Bagas is finally caught and how they all are got separated from each other. Brian, Ida Ayu, Stephanie and the rest members of Tim Jong are forced to live in hiding, anxious, terrorized, and apathetic. The country ousts them as antigovernment that wants to start a coup d’état. Problems keep on hitting them hard but they are all stood strong and survived.

The fight is not over yet. Tim Jong reunites together to fight back the President. Now with a bigger scale and more significant ways, using the national event as a momentum and a turning point, Tim Jong finally succeeds opening the eyes of the people in Indonesia and the world. Nevertheless, freedom does not come in free. Brian has to inevitably lose his beloved someone as a price that he must pay.



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