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Net TV Music Everywhere

Date: January 20, 2015



Reality-Music doesn`t only speak about the actual music, but also about the people behind it. Music Everywhere takes the audience closer and deeper into the music, revealing emotional stories and the soul of the music. Showcasing artist in unique locations, chosen specifically according to the artist`s character, Music Everywhere change and enhance the experience of enjoying music, forever.

Ciputra Artpreneur presents one of the best Indonesian band ever, Nidji, in Music Everywhere at the grand Ciputra Artpreneur Theater. The venue perfectly portray the character of Nidji and their music with its subtle ambiance, deep technicality, and daring accent. The two entity mixed in harmony, creating a very exclusive, once in a lifetime, intimate performance that showcases a true class of Indonesian music.



The art collection of Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra, focusing on the work of Indonesian maestro Hendra Gunawan, and Indonesian contemporary art.

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The state-of-the-art international standard theater to hold international and local performances.

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