Musical Performance "Oliver Twist" by TARAKANITA 5 elementary School - Ciputra Artpreneur

Musical Performance “Oliver Twist” by TARAKANITA 5 elementary School


Start date: June 9, 2018

End date: June 9, 2018

Location: Ciputra Artpreneur Theater



The musical performance played by children in SD TARAKANITA 5, is a free adaptation of Oliver Twist’s novel by Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist’s story is contextualized with Indonesia’s current condition. This free adaptation gives space in script writing. In some parts there is the addition of characters, stories. And in other parts there is a reduction of characters and stories. The addition and subtraction of characters and stories does not deviate from the original story.


Ticket Prices:

IDR 175K – IDR 500K

Get your tickets by call: 0838 7837 3007



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