Opera Dolorosa - Ciputra Artpreneur

Opera Dolorosa

Date: March 5, 2016



Three best friends who were more than 20 years apart, reunited in the Mission of humanity who are vulnerable to poverty. Dolores, Baidullah, and Siti Dumilah that when small living in poverty struggle with passion against the corrupt powers and has no intention to improve the fate of the people. Firmness in the fight takes them on the streets of dolorosa, suffering.

In the midst of the storm attack that authorities did not stop to get rid of them, the seeds of love among the three friends even interrupted the solidity of the community. Even the arrival of Sr. Rosa, Dolores teenage friend when at the Orphanage, exacerbated the situation. The end of love and their struggle in the midst of suffering seemed to be on the brink.



The art collection of Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra, focusing on the work of Indonesian maestro Hendra Gunawan, and Indonesian contemporary art.

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