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Operet “Aku Anak Rusun”

Date: September 21, 2017


Overview :

“Ada Gulali Di Hatiku”. A children’s musical that expresses the nuance of diversity and cultural harmony of Indonesia. It tells us about a solid friendship of 10 kids from different racial and cultural backgrounds who lives together in a Rumah Susun. With the casts originally from these Rumah Susun and the Komunitas Paduan Suara Aku Anak Rusun, they will present Operet Aku Anak Rusun by performing a sing-and-act, rearranged and modernized traditional songs and classic Indonesian children’s songs. There will be a special appearance by Naura, a well-known kid-celebrity, as well as Fira Christiano.

Ticket Prices
Platinum – IDR 750,000
Gold – IDR 500,000
Silver – IDR 350,000

Where to buy tickets
WhatsApp: 0819 2000 919
Email: akuanakrusun@gmail.com



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