SANSKERTA 2015: Nusantara Satu - Ciputra Artpreneur

SANSKERTA 2015: Nusantara Satu

Date: June 20, 2015



Have you ever watched a Wayang puppet show or listened to traditional Indonesian music in your iPhones? Have you ever learned how to play the Angklung or the Gamelan? Many of you might feel that the Indonesian culture is too out-of-date. In fact, the younger generation of today might even choose K-pop over Indonesian songs! These are some signs that show the culture crisis we need to be aware of. We cannot deny that globalization has threatened traditional culture, but the choice to continue living with our rich culture lays in our very own hands.

“More than just a theater performance, we are a young generation movement that advocates the love of Indonesia’s rich art and culture”. SANSKERTA 2015: Nusantara Satu (One Archipelago) is made up of S1 Prasetiya Mulya students who have strong passions to promote Indnoesian culture often forgotten by the younger generation. This year, SANSKERTA brings their audience to direcrtly feel the Indonesian culture adapted with modernity, only at the Ciputra Artpreneur Theater on the 20th of June 2015. Ticket prices are very affordable! By paying just Rp. 75,000, you will be entertained and at the same time learn more knowledge about the Indonesian culture.

For more information, contact us at 08788883310 (Line : drianhl).



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