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Satu Langit Love Story

Date: June 11, 2016



The love story of two lovers, who are always tested by time and circumstances. Where they have to choose to sacrifice their love in order to serve the country.

Lovers who pass through the rigors of life, so they must be separated in time and space until the body becomes weak.

This is the story told by an old woman who called Opung Boru, where she was nurturing her love despite increasingly live in a fantasy even created her fairy hallucinations. The deeper she got stuck, but her children, grandchildren and her family tried to pull Opung Boru back to escape from her hallucinations and back to living life with joy.

This story is packed with a very attractive and represent a person’s life, even the journey of growing magnitude of the Indonesian nation in line with time. This story also raise the culture five ‘Batak’ hobo families, namely; Toba, Simalungun, Karo, Pak Pak and Tapsel, ones rich in diversity and uniqueness.

Watch the musical “SATU LANGIT LOVE STORY” because this story will remain embedded in the hearts of us all. Because this story represent our feelings in view of a life.



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