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SENANDUNG KERONCONG INDONESIA : 40 Tahun Sundari Soekotjo Berkarya

Date: April 21, 2016



Keroncong never had its heyday a few years ago. Nowadays, most people assume keroncong between being and not. But not so for a Sundari Soekotjo. For her, keroncong not only the pride and boast, but also happiness!

Born in Jakarta on April 14, 1965, Sundari Untinasih Soekotjo started singing keroncong since the age of 10 years, and debuted professionally since become a champion of Star Radio & Television kinds Keroncong in 1979. From that time until now (over four decades) world Keroncong Indonesia know and have a singer, arguably the “successor” Waljinah. Still a teenager in his time but already believe keroncong is the choice. A pretty young woman. And still look beautiful today, as beautiful as her voice. Indonesian keroncong music scene is definitely very know and are familiar with the name SUNDARI Soekotjo!

“I wrestle Keroncong for his own volition”, said Sundari. Therefore, travel time and age will never be a hindrance to him in singing and working. For that, as one form of dedication to Keroncong, Sundari Soekotjo intends to make a concert titled POINT keroncong INDONESIA: 40 Years of Work Soekotjo Sundari. A gift from Indonesia to keroncong keroncong icon still reverberate and could say: Keroncong is pride!

A work of offerings as well as to “escort” young generation enjoys and loves music keroncong as one of the nation’s cultural assets.



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