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Wood & Good Kriya Kayu Kontemporer Indonesia

Start date: June 19, 2014

End date: June 29, 2014



Indonesian Craftsmanship Exhibition, is one of the events held by Indonesia’s Directorate of Art Development, General Directorate of Creative Economy in the field of Arts and Culture, Ministry of Tourism and The Creative Economy that work alongside with Ciputra Artpreneur, to develop the culture of craftsmanship in Indonesia.

Indonesian Craftsmanship Exhibition ‘WOOD & GOOD : Indonesian Contemporary Woodcraft’ is the 3rd exhibition from a series of installments that was held last year that emphasize on the medium and technique that allows the development of craftsmanship in Indonesia, which is: Indonesia Fiber Art Exhibition (‘Indonesia Contemporary Fiber Art’, 2012) and Indonesia Metal Art Exhibition (‘The Horizon of Strength’, 2013).

This year, the exhibition will highlight works of wooden craftsmanship. Wood is widely famous for its form of expressing nature’s beauty as well as an inspiration for many artists to create and invent aesthetic values. Wooden materials, as an expressive medium has become a knowingly famous medium for Indonesian artists, craftsmen, and designers as well as creative enthusiasts of fine art. Therefore this idea, accompanied with the emergence of many that owns and cares for wooden-crafts as a collection is surely deserve to be proud of.

This exhibition will expose 120 woodcrafts made by 47 artists originated in Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Solo, Madura and Bali. This event is curate by 3 famous professional curators whom are experienced in the world of craftsmanship and contemporary art; Asmujo Jono Irianto, Rizky A. Zaelani and I Wayan Seriyoga Parta. These exhibited crafts consist of objects, items, and products that contain a functional or an aesthetical value.



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