Yahoo! #SHOPTACULAR - Ciputra Artpreneur


Start date: July 19, 2014

End date: July 20, 2014



While you wait until it’s time to break your fast, Yahoo invites you to attend a unique bazaar showcasing chosen famous online shops and brand.

There are at least 40 fashion, beauty and culinary booth, that has been specifically chosen by Yahoo to fulfill your shopping needs in this festive month. For those looking for crazy discounts, there is a shop that has every selling item in it discounted for 70%! Plus, while you shop a celebrity could be one of the people that serves you. And don’t forget to visit Marissa Nasution’s Dollhouse booth that sells a range of beautiful high heels. If all this time you only heard about how good Thomas Djorghi’s Pempek Tanliz is, well in #shoptacular you could even strike a conversation with Thomas himself while you shop. For the ice-cream enthusiasts, don’t forget to visit Spiky Smooth’s booth. With their ice-cream so addicting, there’s a chance that you might be serve by Wulan Guritno, her husband (Adila Dimitri), her brother (Wulan Danar) and her cousin (Ario Bayu). And before you go home, don’t forget to stop by at Meisya Siregar’s Rendang Nantulang booth that has exquisite flavored rendang for your sahur menu, or even as your lebaran celebration menu.



The art collection of Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra, focusing on the work of Indonesian maestro Hendra Gunawan, and Indonesian contemporary art.

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The state-of-the-art international standard theater to hold international and local performances.

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